Phishing for shells with rotten apples

Privilege escalation with AppleScript tl;dr I’ll explain how I got root on a mac with disabled Gatekeeper and admin account. Nothing new, nothing to worry about. Everything happens in a safe environment and the exploit involved (CVE-2017-2361) has been fixed by apple. This publication is intended for informational/educational purposes only.

#IceCTF 2016 “Search”

Stage 2 “Search”, misc, 40pts There’s something about this domain…, I don’t see anything, but maybe its all about the conTEXT. My Solution Surfing returns a ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED. I tried using proxies, Tried surfing through Iceland VPN, Tor, nothing. Something wrong with the DNS configuration? conTEXT may refer to

#IceCTF 2016 “Exposed”

This is part of a few #IceCTF writeups I’m going to put up here. #IceCTF 2016 was the second CTF i participated. I had a great time and some sleepless nights. Structuring my messy notes helps me to memorize what I learned. Even though I made it only to 295 (1146.000points), a writeup on

Writeup Mr-Robot: 1

Vulnerable Machine: Mr-Robot 1 on Vulnhub The VM boots up and greets with a simple login screen we check the networking (DHCP) to make sure it’s online and reachable from the attacking machine. First thing to do is scanning the machine’s ports with nmap to see what is running: Since there