Siguiendo El Hilo – Phishing A Office 365

Últimamente, se han visto muchos intentos de ataques de ingeniería social a cuentas de Office 365. Tanto el Phishing como el Spearphishing, están más vivos que nunca. De acuerdo con el informe Fraud Beat de Easy Solutions, el 97% de las personas no puede reconocer con precisión un email de phishing y cerca

Writeup g0rmint

This one took me almost a week to finish. The desperate search for one archive took me 2 days and I struggled to find a necessary username which was sitting right in front my eyes all the time. As always it comes down to one key takeaway: Enumeration is the key.

Writeup LazySysAdmin: 1

The difficulty of LazySysAdmin is described as “Beginner – Intermediate” and was my first machine is really rushed through. The authors description reads: “Teaching newcomers the basics of Linux enumeration. Myself, I suck with Linux and wanted to learn more about each service whilst creating a playground for others to learn” Maybe

Writeup Bulldog 1

Since I was somewhat bored and hadn’t done a vulnerable machine for quite some time I had a look at vulnhub and saw a new machine: Bulldog: 1 – Info & Download If you’re going to try, listen to the authors recommendations and don’t try to run it in VMWare. Doesn’t work, believe