Malware Traffic Analysis 6

c42-MTA6-1022-UTC: What is the attachment file name? c42-MTA6-1022-UTC: The attachment contains malware. When was the malware first submitted to virustotal? Checking the Hash on Virustotal: 2015-09-11 c42-MTA6-1022-UTC: The malware was communicating with multiple external servers. Provide the number of unique URLs contacted by the malware? (VirusTotal graph is

#WednesdayQuiz (Mar 3, 2021)

Cyber Detective CTF

Challenge 1 – voteforme Task’d have thought politics was a bit of a dry subject; not for some.What US political party does James over here support? Initial assessment User has a public twitter profile full of private data and possible clues about what he might be thinking and doing.

Writeup symfonos 5 (VulnHub)

Beginner real life based machine designed to teach people the importance of understanding from the interior. Start by running nmap against the target: nmap -sV -p0-65355 reveals the following ports: So we have ssh, http and lpap. No usernames to bruteforce yet, so let’s start with http. Start bruteforcing